Pest Management Consulting and Pest Control Supplies

Pest Management Consultants, Pest Control Supplies, and Integrated Pest Management

June 4 - 5, 2014 in Hershey PA
For information call:
785-537-4750 or 1-800-633-5137
For enrollments only call: 1-800-242-2534
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For further information contact Richard Kammerling at RK Pest Management Services
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Pest control technicians must have the education, communication skills and on-site experience to carry out the duties of a pest management professional. Our training programs are tailored to fit your special needs.

Pest Control Training and Pest Control Seminars

  • The “IPM” Systems Approach
  • Rodent Control Strategies
  • Bird Management
  • Insect Identification & Control Strategies
    (stored product pests, roaches, psocids, fruit files, occasional invaders, etc.)
  • Pheromone Trapping & Trend Analysis
  • Flying Insect Control
  • Light Trap Technologies
  • New Product Developments
  • Proper Pesticide Selection
  • Knowing Labels and MSDS
  • Space Treatments (fogging)
  • Contracting Services and Expectations
Pest Management Training


Recertification Credits Offered
Programs available on CD


8 Rego Court Huntington Station New York 11746 Phone 631-421-1120 FAX 631-421-1504 Toll Free1-866-800-PEST (7378)