Dismate PE™ (mating disruption)

Dismate PE™ (mating disruption)
Dismate PE™ Dismate PE™ is a slow-release concentrated pheromone for the control of stored product moths by confusing and disrupting the male moths from finding females, thus preventing mating.

Pests: Use to control and suppress the Indian meal moth, Plodia interpunctella, Mediterranean flour moth Ephestia kuhniella, tropical warehouse moth or cocoa moth, Ephestia cautella, tobacco moth Ephestia elutella, raisin moth, Cadra figuliella, and almond moth, Cadra cautella.

Commodities: All stored grains and processed foods and animal or pet food and feed kept in storage including, but not limited to candies, baked goods, cereals, pet food, livestock feed, bird seed, dried fruit, herbs, spices, popcorn, rice, flour, beans, peas, and other whole and processed grains and their by-products.

Facilities: Use in storage and processing areas of commercial kitchens, bakeries, mills, food and feed drying areas, warehouses, barns, food and feed manufacturing and/or processing plants, apartments, commercial and industrial structures, homes, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels/motels, kennels, livestock operations, pet stores, restaurants, retail establishments, schools, day care facilities, supermarkets, transportation equipment with food or feed (boats, trains, trucks), and all other locations where susceptible commodities are stored and processed.

Application: The Dismate PE™ dispensers should be attached securely to walls, columns, other structures, or hung from ceilings at least 6 feet above the floor level in storage facilities to form a grid pattern at 9 – 11 yards (8 – 10 meter) intervals to attain a density of the dispensers of 1 dispenser every 81 -121 square yards or 730 – 1100 square feet (64 -100 square meters). Use the higher rate in locations where threat of infestation is greatest, such as near other infested locations.

Timing: Dismate PE™ dispensers should be used as a continuous around the year IPM program. The program can start any time of the year with dispensers changed every three months or 90 days. Dispensers are supplied in four colours (blue, green, red and yellow) according to the time of dispenser change and to assure changing all containers at the same time. Progress should be monitored using XLure™ R.T.U. pheromone monitoring traps.