QUANTUM - 15 Watt/18" Shatterproof Lamps 25/cs

QUANTUM - 15 Watt/18\" Shatterproof Lamps  25/cs
Using flying insect management systems manufactured with genuine Quantum BL shatter resistant lamps with FEP fluoropolymer coating ensures the easiest and safest solution by significantly reducing the risks of contamination from glass breakages.

UV light is invisible to the human eye. Just because a lamp in a flying insect management system appears lit, you cannot assume that it is emitting enough UV light to attract flying insects. Thanks to water based phosphor technology the new PestWest Quantum BL bulb has been developed to concentrate energy distribution around the peak of 365 nanometers wavelength.


• Ultimate performance – maximum attraction 40% more powerful and 100% more effective than standard BL 350 UV lamps

• Maximum output and minimum reduction in UVA light output over two years

• Our coating will not discolor, melt or flake throughout the life of the tube

• Maximum UV transmission for better attraction performance and reduced light loss

• Quantum lamps are 100% lead free