.XLure Wall-Mounted Traps (25/cs)

.XLure Wall-Mounted Traps  (25/cs)

  • Ready to Use - Traps are already loaded with pheromone(s) to attract: Plodia/Ephestia/Lasioderma serricorne/ Trogoderma (Indian Meal Moth, Mediterranean Flour, Almond, Raisin & Tobacco Moths, Cigarette, Warehouse & Khapra Beetles).
  • Research indicates that Indian Meal Moths particularly like a flat landing surface. The XLure R.T.U. Wall Trap provides a flat landing surface.
  • Male Indian Meal Moths like to congregate on walls.
  • The XLure R.T.U. Wall Trap will fit flush against the wall, thus greatly reducing the amount of dust that gets in to the trap. Dust greatly reduces glue life.
  • Multiple pheromones incorporated into the glue by our patented Pherogel matrix makes it a very economical trap to use and extremely versatile.
  • For best results - change traps every 6-8 weeks
  • 2 Year Shelf Life, without refrigeration.