Protecta "Sidewinder" Bait Station - solid lid (6 per case)

Protecta \"Sidewinder\" Bait Station - solid lid (6 per case)
Bell's new tamper-resistant PROTECTA "SIDEWINDER" Bait Station (Clear Lid) is the most versatile and time efficient station available. It opens to the side, like a book, and that ensures full, unrestricted inside access.

PROTECTA SIDEWINDER (Clear Lid) has many user-friendly features including:

  • rounded interior walls for quick clean-ups.
  • A durable, removable insert also makes clean-ups quicker.
  • Bait securing rods, full-size insert and service card are included with each station.
  • An plastic service card slot is built into cover making documentation tasks easier.

    Bell's existing RTU/LP key provides access to the new station. Like the full line of PROTECTA Bait Stations, PROTECTA SIDEWINDER continues Bell's focus on quality, safety and versatility.

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