FOG FORCE - 4 X 1 gallon

FOG FORCE - 4 X 1 gallon
Fog Force is a non toxic liquid fogging agent used to deter birds from large open spaces. For use in thermal and ULV fogging equipment, Fog Force is made from methyl anthranilate, a non toxic grape extract that birds cannot stand.

To be effective, birds must be exposed to the repellent haze. ULV fogging equipment such as the Bird Buffer produce an envelope of repellent haze. As a bird flies through this envelope, the repellent haze stimulates a birdsí mucous membranes and trigeminal nerve. With each exposure, the birds associate the location with the repellent and stay away.

Fog Force is most effective in repelling flying birds as they inhale the repellent 30X faster than a bird at rest. The repellent haze is proven effective against all birds, including pigeons, seagulls, geese, crows, blackbirds, herons, vultures, starlings, sparrows and more. Smaller birds such as sparrows require longer exposure.

  • Non-toxic, Easy to use
  • Ideal for all flocking birds in trees, turf areas, parks, golf courses, warehouses, compactor area, etc.
  • Taste Deterrent - Birds do not like the taste on their feathers and feet
  • Fine "mist" also acts as an irritant to membrane areas & eyes, causing the birds to leave the area
  • will not harm birds
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