PolyStinger LED® (yellow) (without charger) #76160

PolyStinger LED® (yellow)  (without charger)  #76160
A combination recharging light with LED technology. The new POLY STINGER LED, with an ultra-bright,far-reaching beam, offers multiple lighting modes, including strobe. Now with C4® LED Technology.

  • C4® LED technology up to 3X more light intensity

  • Shockproof with up to 50,000 hrs. lifetime

  • 3-cell NiCad battery rechargeable up 1,000 times

  • Three outputs of brightness with strobe light

  • High Beam: up to 24,000 candle power; 185lumens; 2 hr. run

  • Medium: up to 12,000 candle power; 95 lumens; 5 hr. run

  • Low: up to 6,000 candle power; 50 lumens; 7.75 hr. run