Xcluder Door Sweep (48")

Xcluder Door Sweep (48\")
Xcluder Door Sweep (36")Reduce maintenance costs and improve health and safety regulatory compliance with Xcluder™ Door Bottom Seals.

The soft seals on overhead and roll-up doors provide little resistance to rats and mice and are one of the most common rodent entry points.

Xcluder™ Door Seals feature our patented Xcluder™ fill fabric providing an easy to install barrier that is virtually impenetrable to rodents. The durable outer gasket ensures a lasting, dependable weatherseal saving you money on heating and cooling expenses.

Inner core of Xcluder™ fill fabric provides protection against gnawing rodents and is laminated to a durable outer gasket made of black EPDM synthetic rubber which is excellent in all temperature conditions (-50° to 350°F).